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Vespa Primavera Picnic

Vespa Pic Nic was born from a creative idea that matches the lifestyle of those that retain a sense of freedom and curiosity that inspires them not only to get away from the concrete of the city to explore the nature, but also to find a true moment of happiness in the small moments that matter. Picnic in the Vespa way is not an activity, it is a state of mind, the openness to possibilities of enjoyment.

The model comes in three colors, the elegant White Innocenza, the fresh Green Relax and the gentle Grey Materia, which let the details of the special version stand out.
Vespa Pic Nic is created with features that give off the vibe of a relaxing picnic day. The signature belt in beige adds a touch of rustic chic elegance to the livery of the scooter. The reminiscence of picnic rustic and classic colors of the nature is reflected also in the brown details of the footrest, the straps for the front and rear rack (standard equipment on Vespa Pic Nic) and the dedicated stickers that complete a harmonious ensemble.

The unique saddle is designed only for the Vespa Pic Nic: different shades of brown are tailored to provide the most sophisticated look and never-before-experienced comfort. The small Italian flag positioned on the saddle strap is a further reminder of the origin of this wonderful bike, whose body, as per Vespa’s signature, is completely made of steel. The beauty of the scooter is ultimately highlighted by the chromed details of the crest, the white outlines of the shield and the white rims.
Vespa Pic Nic range is equipped with 12”-wheel rims, made of aluminum alloy and with a five-spoke design, especially conceived in white by Piaggio Group’s Italian design center. They bring out the chicness of the scooter, ensuring a ride in style for the young spirits that are constantly on the lookout for an enjoyable experience.
The Vespa Pic Nic edition is easily being recognized by the dedicated “Vespa Pic Nic” signature plate on the front compartment and by the outstanding accessories that complete this special collection.

Vespa Pic Nic is driven by modern one-cylinder four-stroke iGet engine, air-cooled and equipped with electronic injection and 3-valve distribution. Each detail from the exhaust to the inner structure of the transmission casing was designed to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.


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