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Yamaha Brake Shoe



Yamaha Brake Shoe

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Yamaha Brake Shoe​​​​​​​


Brake shoes fitted with brake linings (friction material) which press against the drums from the inside to generate braking force (decelerate and stop) are set inside of the drums.

With this system, friction is generated by pressing the brake linings against the inside surfaces of the drums. This friction converts kinetic energy into thermal energy. Drum rotation helps to press the shoes and the lining against the drum with more force, offering superior braking force in comparison with disc brakes. On the other hand, it is very important to design the components so that the heat from the thermal energy is dissipated efficiently into the atmosphere.

There are three types of drum brakes depending on how the brake shoes are pressed on to the drums; leading/trailing shoe type, twin leading shoe type and duo-servo type.

For models stated below:

  • Yamaha Spark 135
  • Yamaha Jupiter
  • Yamaha Nouvolc
  • Yamaha SRL
  • Yamaha Z1
  • Yamaha Aerox


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